Customized Portfolio Review


My customized portfolio review is simple and provides the information needed to place my clients in the best position to succeed.  The review is performed annually and consists of the following applications:

  • Identify personal and financial objectives
  • Complete a comprehensive risk profile
  • Examine current asset allocation for diversification
  • Analyze stock/mutual fund performance and costs
  • Perform a Monte Carlo simulation to help determine probability of success
  • Develop investment strategy based on the exercises above

This is only the beginning.  Quarterly reviews to update current market conditions and portfolio performance are imperative to help assure your future success and comfort.  During times of increased market volatility, the reviews are even more essential as I address your emotions and reinforce your objectives.

I do not believe that one single aspect of this review will solve all of your needs and concerns, but when used collectively, they provide the most relevant information for you to make the best possible decisions going forward.

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